1. Admin rights to Members can easily change their business description, logo, photos, contact information and more!
2. Access to the  business mailing list for use in mail merge for mass mailing or phone calls.
3. Featured spot on the home page.
4. Chamber of Commerce  window decal. When a small business is a chamber of commerce member, consumers are 80% more likely to purchase goods or services from the business in the future
5. Marketing – The Chamber of Commerce will promote your business.
6. Networking
7. Opportunities to get involved!


City/County Governments$100.00
Civic/Non Profits$75.00
Community Spirited Citizens$25.00
Financial Institutions$125.00
Hospitals/Nursing Homes$100.00
Public Schools/Universities$125.00
Public Utilities$125.00
State Agencies$75.00

Please Note:

a) Membership investments are payable in advance and are continuous until written resignation is submitted to the Board
b) Annual Membership investments become due on the anniversary date of the application.
c) One representative, in addition to the member, is allowed for each membership

Membership Investment Could Be Legitimate Business Expense! Consult Your Tax Adviser.